Keep Your Child Smiling Bright This Holiday Season


During the holidays, there is a lot of food, happiness, and goodwill. Imagine how difficult it must be for your children to refuse a sweet treat when they are everywhere. It’s understandable that over the holidays, dental hygiene may not be front of mind. We will assist you in gently reminding your child of the value of maintaining good oral hygiene throughout the year as we go through this blog.

Add Fun To Oral Hygiene

Have fun with it and make sure your child learns the need of maintaining proper dental hygiene so that they can have a healthy mouth far into adulthood. Making a memorable impression is the greatest approach to ensure that they will remember this event for years to come. Here are a few of our favourite techniques to make brushing enjoyable for your kid:

  • Periodic Toothbrush
  • While brushing, sing holiday music.
  • As a prize, use seasonal stickers.

Your youngster will continue to enjoy caring for their lips if you make it feel less like a duty and more like an activity. It’s a terrific idea to keep your youngster engaged and motivated to take care of their smile to encourage brushing and flossing using imaginative strategies that are in line with the current season and forthcoming holidays.

How Can You Make Brushing Your Teeth Entertaining For Kids?

Show them the right way to use a toothbrush and how to thoroughly clean each tooth surface. Try humming as you brush if you can. Make a small dance to go along with it. If you do it jointly, it might be simple to make oral care enjoyable.

Avoid Sugar During The Christmas Countdown

This year, make a change and substitute a new custom for an outdated one. Children love to count down the days until Christmas and get into the holiday spirit with advent calendars, but if you’re not cautious, they may also lead to dental decay and cavities. Try one of these sugar-free countdowns this year:

  • A tale each night
  • Small puzzles and toys

Your kid will forget about the sugary goodies completely and look forward to creating new customs. Making children feel involved and ensuring they get the most out of the new custom may be accomplished by including them in the decision-making process for a sugar-free countdown.

Avoid Sugar
Avoid Sugar

Stay Well Clear Of Hard Candy

During the Christmas season, sweets like candy canes, gumdrops, and other candies appear to be everywhere. Everyone finds it challenging to resist a sweet treat, but teaching your kid the value of proper dental hygiene can empower them to make healthier choices. It’s crucial to urge your youngster to select tooth-healthy snacks like these as these sugary sweets quickly cause cavities and tooth decay:

  • Dark Chocolate 
  • Raw Veggie 
  • Sugar-Free snacks

Improved Brushing Process

A fun way to spend the holiday is to get sucked into the holiday baking, time with family, and festive gatherings. Your kids will be exposed to sweets more often and for a longer amount of time during this season than during any other holiday, including Christmas! An excellent strategy to stop tooth decay, cavities, and other painful toothaches is to improve their oral health care regimen. Here are some suggestions for enhancing your child’s oral hygiene practices throughout the holidays:

  • Every day, use three brushes.
  • After brushing, always rinse your mouth thoroughly with mouthwash.

Consume More Water

Water is a fantastic beverage option for your kid’s teeth! Although enticing beverages with added sugar may be served at holiday gatherings, it’s crucial to teach your youngster to avoid sugary juices and sodas all year long. While: Water is better for your child’s teeth and general wellness.

  • You will be hydrated.
  • Your teeth will be cleaned by fluoride in water.
  • It makes teeth stronger.

Substitute A New Tooth Brush

It’s a terrific idea to get your youngster a new toothbrush just before the start of the holiday. Long-term exposure to sugary foods will necessitate frequent brushing, and what better way to enjoy brushing than with a new toothbrush? You may engage your youngster in their habit for maintaining dental health in a pleasant way by:

  • Allowing them to choose a brand-new toothbrush
  • Giving flavoured floss a try
  • Brush to your favourite song’s beat.

Attend Routinely Scheduled Dental Cleanings

Even though it could feel like the busiest time of the year, it’s crucial to maintain your schedule. Routine not only benefits kids, but also keeps teeth healthy! All year long, it’s crucial to arrange time for your child’s routine cleanings with the dentist. Among other things, your child’s dentist may check for the following during a cleaning around the holidays:

  • Cavities 
  • Plaque/tartar accumulation 
  • Tooth deterioration


A paediatric dentist will examine your child’s developing mouth for a variety of conditions that can affect their adult teeth and gums. To ensure that they are on track to maturity with a healthy smile, it is crucial that your child visits them frequently.

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